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Boundary Garage Rossendale's Leading BMW Specialists


Boundary Garage Service & repair all makes & modelsBoundary Garage is one of the leading independent BMW specialists in Rossendale and East Lancashire.

Why pay BMW Main Dealer prices when you can have your vehicle expertly serviced and repaired by experienced BMW technicians at your local independent BMW specialists?



 At Boundary Garage we pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of workmanship combined with a fast, friendly service to meet all your needs.

Whether you require an Annual Service, Fault Diagnosis, General Repairs or M.O.T, we have it covered.



Boundary Garage BMW 325iWhatever the age or model of your BMW, Boundary Garage, Rossendale is equipped and experienced to carry out servicing and repairs to manufacturers specifications.

If you prefer to have genuine BMW parts fitted or would rather save money with quality aftermarket replacements, it’s not a problem for us. We are happy to meet your requirements.



 Why not Call Us NOW on 01706 215588 and see how much you can save on BMW Main Dealer prices?





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